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Required: 3 References, Cover Letter, Resume and Salary Requirements

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I certify that the information I have given in this application is correct to the best of my knowledge and understand that any false or misleading answers or any omissions of facts will be grounds to disqualify me from consideration for employment or for dismissal from employment. If hired I agree to conform to the Personnel Guide and other pertinent policies of Vital Voices and understand that any such employment wo uld be on and at will basis and that no contract right of employment would thereby be created between myself and Vital Voices. If hired, I also understand and agree that my employment may be terminated at any time with or without cause, and with or without notice, at the option of Vital Voices or myself. I further understand that no officer or employee of Vital Voices has the authority to make an offer of employment on other than and “at will” basis (i.e. has no authority to hire any employee for a set period of time) unless authorized in writing by the CEO of Vital Voices.